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Small Changes to Your Website Can Make a Big Difference!

Jon Knight - Monday, December 06, 2010

If you feel like it is time to change your online presence, you can go ahead and start the process for a complete overhaul...or you can tweak a few things about your website. While it is good to get expert advice and do thorough research, sometimes you should just attempt something new on your own. You may find that you enjoy it and no matter what the results, you will learn something. You may find that minor changes can make a major difference.

We have a few suggestions, some of which may seem contradictory, but the point is to get you to try something new. What works for one , may not work for another. None of these changes have to be implemented on a permanent basis. You can even have a message on your website that states you are trying out some new things to better serve the public and ask people to drop you a line to tell you what they think.

Page color and font

Ask clients or friends (especially those who work in marketing) for feedback about the color and font on your website. Change the color and see what people think.

While you will not be able to pick a color that appeals to everyone, you can get people's opinion on whether the main colors used on your website are distracting in any way.


Do you require internet users to register on your website to get to certain pieces of information? If it seems like this is a barrier to connecting with internet users, try removing the requirement to see if you get a better response.

On the other hand, if you do not require registration, but really want to know more about the people who visit your website, you can start to require registration.

Video and photos

If you have absolutely no videos on your site, try to shoot and edit a brief video on your own to post it to your site.

Those of you that have regular photos on your website can try to use panorama shots instead. If you only take shots from faraway, try some close-ups.