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Upgrade Your WordPress Website and Boost Your Bottom Line

Jon Knight - Monday, December 06, 2010

Recently when we asked a web designer we know why she was thinking about a career switch, she said that many web designers were doing this because programs like WordPress made it possible for people to design their own websites without hiring people like her.

WordPress was at first just a site people used to set up blogs but with time the software has evolved. If you are very web savvy or have a friend who is, you can use WordPress to create a professional looking website that will look like you spent a lot of money to have it designed.

It is fine to use the latest version of the WordPress software, but if you really want to make your site stand out, you will want to spend a little extra to upgrade it with plug-ins. Here are some plug-ins that work well for people who work in real estate:

Altos Toolbar

This connects your site to local markets and you can pull up charts and information to post on your website. It also lets people sign up to get e-mails with market information.

Backup Buddy

This will back up your website and ease the transition to a new server if you need to move to a new host.

Events Calendar

This can help you keep people informed about upcoming events, like open houses, and even incorporates Google Maps.

Meet Your Commenters

Are you curious about your followers? With this plug-in, you will be able get more information on them. You can see info on your followers' websites and social network profiles right in your WordPress dashboard.

WordPress Touch Pro

This plug-in turns your WordPress site into a mobile site for a number of mobile devices including the iPhone, Blackberry Storm and Android phones. This way you can be on the go and still get notified when someone comments on your site. If you need to, you can respond while your away from the office without having to wait until you are at your desk.